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journey to the land of darkness, DRC

It was first week of July 06. I started my journey in DRC. The very environment started appearing as journey through an obscured way. I was told "hero's are in the grave". How ever my first station was a Pweto of Kalemie with Katanga province..... the home of Kabila.

On my way to pweto I reached Kalemie. It was more unknown to me. After four days my journey  for Pweto would start. I really liked this Kalemie town. It was just beside the Longest lake of the world.... Lake Tanganika. I was informed that it was more then 600 kms in length and I was not interested to know the width.

First time I saw some white crow. Congo is a country where you have road to ply but you do have airport to fly. So after four days I started for Pweto with a flying box make in USSR. The box kept on flying over Tanganica. It was great... After almost 02 hours we reached to Moba. Its a hilly area on the last part of the lake tanganika. Then on wards again we flew for my destination Pweto. It is another beautiful hill station near lake Mwaroo. That was my first working place.

My boss received me with other members and the crew went back with the flying box. I was shown my room.There was a wooden bed and there was nothing. I want for wash. I found there was door with no lock with a board mentioning whether any one is inside or not. ..........to be continued....

my journey to DRC

The story of DRC would came in coming post.....plz share to glow my experience.......